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…That very day, there was a picture in one of our daily newspapers of a new piece of public art called Persian Wall in the downtown area, and I decided to track it down after work. I had more trouble finding the piece than I expected (the short article accompanying the picture provided just the name of the building where it was located, and the street, West Georgia), so I dropped into the lobby of an office building on West Georgia, where I could see from outside that there was an attendant on duty, to get some help with directions. Once I was inside the lobby, I came upon this stunning painting–that few were likely to know about other than those who work in, or otherwise enter, the building.


That’s me reflected in the metal plate, below, taking a picture with my phone of the plate, since it had on it basic information about the painting, including the name of the piece and the artist. (Taking a snap is so much easier than writing down such information.) When I wanted to find out more about the piece, Vancouver’s Public Art Registry provided no assistance, which I initially assumed was because the piece isn’t owned by the City; but I did, eventually, find the information I was seeking in a press release on, a business website. Additional information about the artist, Scott Plear, is available on his website.

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